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Opposite to the rich diversity of development vectors of Ukrainian history, one of the leading operators in the Ukrainian safety market, VENBEST Group, has only one vector, and it is distinctly and stably aimed in one direction – to the business tops. And this aim remains unchanged during the whole existence of the Group, nonetheless that is a considerable age – VENBEST is of the same age as the state of Ukraine – in December 2014 it celebrated the 23rd anniversary from the day of its foundation. While watching the work of security companies on the part of the customer, it is important to understand clearly that certain forms of customer relations are mostly determined by the company history.

Business activity of the company started with production, and the basic human resources of VENBEST LTD Innovation and Research Company had been working in equipment development team for State Protection Service till 1990. The problem of automation of central surveillance consoles was critical and a suggested complex solution (regarding the console and object parts, data line variability – wire-based/wireless) was highly appreciated after consideration during All-Soviet Union Private Security Leaders Technical Committee in Kiev. A group of specialists decided to organise Venera Machine-Building Enterprise – after the name of security and fire alarm system (SFAS). Venera SFAS was a prototype for further development projects of the company that soon changed its name to VENBEST LTD.

Since 1991 VENBEST LTD IRC has been developing quite dynamically. Special departments were created: RTD (Research and Technological Development), Production Department, Customer Technical Support Group.

VENBEST brand equipment is used to safeguard such objects as regional subdivisions of State Savings Bank of Ukraine, National Bank of Ukraine, Cabinet of Ministers, Ministry of Defence of Ukraine, the whole hypermarket network МЕТRО Cash&Carry Ukraine all over the country, Heat Distribution Network Joint-Stock Company KIEVENERGO branches and others.

At first the company only engaged itself in development of equipment for security and fire alarm system. But eventually business circumstances in post-soviet Ukraine demanded to own proper production capacities, which would allow not only to develop equipment prototype models but also to launch them into mass production. The production was set, giving the company an impulse for further growth – VENBEST started delivering security services.

Equipment production and service delivery, based on that equipment, existing as parts of one brand, played the positive role both for clients and for VENBEST. Such an approach caused the increase of clients base, leading to registration in 1999 of one more enterprise, which took all the functions of physical and security monitoring service delivery – VENBEST, LLC. The work of separate enterprise allowed to gather a group of high-level specialists of service delivery, and let the experts, engaged in development of new versions of equipment and software not to be distracted by direct customer relations.

Active and rampant development of branch network all over Ukraine may be considered as the next great step in VENBEST growth.

The next company, joining the VENBEST Group was VENBEST Yurkonsalting. The company’s aim is to control the relations between all VENBEST Group companies and other security market entities, as well as service delivery to third-party entities and persons.

In 2005 VENBEST Group experienced serious lack of human resources. It was the very year, when all VENBESTs required highly skilled specialists. And VENBEST was not the only one growing security market operator, so it was important to apply more professional approach to staff recruitment in order to win the battle for specialists. In such a way VENBEST Recruiting was born. Nowadays it provides recruitment services, to the range of well-known western companies as well.

24 hours a day, 365 days a year we work to prove to You our status of the most responsible and perspective partner in security services market of Ukraine. Accomplishing Your tasks perfectly means to us: work in tune with the times, improve constantly, think outside the box, make decisions quickly and take full responsibility for them – everything, that determines the vision of VENBEST Group to the fullest extent, as well as the vision of our clients. Our clients are in majority the leaders of their business areas, demanding the highest level of their personal security. And we are proud to justify confidence, given to us, standing on guard of our client's LIFE, HEALTH and PROPERTY SAFETY. All our long-term experience and professional competence work for You!