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VENBEST fire safety

Dear clients!
VENBEST delivers complex fire safety services according to demands of Licence Provisions, acting in Ukraine.
According to the statistics, every year there are about 70 thousand fire breaking-outs in our country, in result of which over 2.5 thousand people die and the caused financial damage is over UAH 3 billion and grows from year to year.

It is also worth mentioning, that at objects, equipped with fire-protection automatic systems, the number of successful alarm actuation under fire breaking-outs is up to 98%, and, as result, property, material values and – above all – human lives are saved.

VENBEST provides the full complex of services, including consultations, regarding fire safety and objects fire-protection. Moreover, applying modern hi-tech Dunai-PRO system monitoring equipment, our company is able to provide qualitative improvement of automatic fire fighting systems control, allowing to keep under simultaneous surveillance both security and fire alarm systems.

Such a tactic considerably increases possibility and lowers time of fire detection, also reducing financial expenses of the Client, both for equipment purchase and for further maintenance costs and subscription fee.

In that context VENBEST offers You installation, competent maintenance and surveillance over fire-protection systems, as well as rapid response of mobile teams to signals of fire-protection automatic equipment.
During conclusion of contract for monitoring and maintenance of fire-protection automatic systems there is a discount and bonus system provided for our clients.

Prices for our services and corresponding preparation work can be always specified by Your manager or over the VENBEST telephone line in Kiev: (044) 239-21-66, as well as via e-mail: office_n@venbest.com.ua.

With care for You,