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How to always know where your child is and to protect him/her? Exclusive offer from "VENBEST", the largest private Ukrainian security company

Taking into account the deterioration of criminal situation in Ukraine, the vital question becomes not only the property preservation, but also personal security. Children are the most vulnerable category of all; they can be helpless in case of attacks or other violent or malicious actions. Very often, kids may lose directions or just forget to call their parents when staying with friends

Over the last year more than 4.5 thousand of children were on the search list. The reasons for such incidents may be different but many parents have passed through very difficult moments while searching for their kids.

To prevent such cases, the company “VENBEST” offers to its customers a new service to ensure the safety of children – wristwatches - using GPS technology. Our offer is different from what the market offers because it allows parents to keep a close watch on where their child is, to receive alarm call in case of threat And, in case of real threat to the child, make sure that “VENBEST” intervene promptly.

Director of the department of satellite security system Aleksandr Smychnikov: “VENBEST” offers to their customers connection to the security console of children’s wrist watch of different models. In this case, information about the location and movement of the child, as well as information about the alarms (for example, due to pressing the panic button, going beyond the allowed area or, for example, going beyond the school in study time) - will be immediately transferred to the full-time consoles of the company “VENBEST”. The company employees will contact parents promptly, will ensure the intervention of Rapid action team, and will also engage the police if necessary”.

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