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Fire safety

Security company "VENBEST" provides a wide range of fire safety services. With years of experience, we focuse on providing of comprehensive services.

Our strategy includes:

  • Consulting on fire safety and fire protection facilities;
  • Designing and installation of fire alarms and systems of fire surveillant, warning systems and people evacuation in case of fire;
  • Monitoring of automatic fire fighting installations of objects and their maintenance;
  • Rapid response by the rapid action teams on the signals of fire automation systems;
  • Transmission of signals on fire alarms activation to the surveillant Centers of the State Emergency Service of Ukraine.

Usage of the modern high-tech console equipment system «Dunai-PRO» by our company provided a qualitative improvement in the control systems of fire automation, allowing to monitor simultaneously for fire and burglar alarm systems.

Such tactic significantly reduces the time for fire detection, and at the same time minimizing the financial costs of the Client: as well as buying the equipment and following operative expenses and rental fee.